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7 Nights
  • 1person:14080 RMB/pax, single supplement 1100 Yuan/ pax: CNY 14,080 CNY 1,100 (Single supplement)
  • 2person:7450 RMB/pax, single supplement 1100 Yuan/ pax: CNY 7,450 CNY 1,100 (Single supplement)
  • 3person:6240 RMB/pax, single supplement 1100 Yuan/ pax: CNY 6,240 CNY 1,100 (Single supplement)
  • 4person:5300 RMB/ pax, single supplement 1100 Yuan/ pax: CNY 5,300 CNY 1,100 (Single supplement)
  • 5person:5000 RMB/ pax, single supplement 1100 Yuan/ pax: CNY 5,000 CNY 1,100 (Single supplement)
  • 6person:4490 RMB/ pax, single supplement 1100 Yuan/ pax: CNY 4,490 CNY 1,100 (Single supplement)
  • 7person:4300 RMB/ pax, single supplement 1100 Yuan/ pax: CNY 4,300 CNY 1,100 (Single supplement)
  • 8person:4180 RMB/ pax, single supplement 1100 Yuan/ pax: CNY 4,180 CNY 1,100 (Single supplement)
  • 9person:3990 RMB/ pax, single supplement 1100 Yuan/ pax: CNY 3,990 CNY 1,100 (Single supplement)
Peak period
  • 1person: CNY 14,450 CNY 1,450 (Single supplement)
  • 2 person: CNY 7,820 CNY 1,450 (Single supplement)
  • 3 person: CNY 6,610 CNY 1,450 (Single supplement)
  • 4 person: CNY 5,670 CNY 1,450 (Single supplement)
  • 5 person: CNY 5,370 CNY 1,450 (Single supplement)
  • 6 person: CNY 4,860 CNY 1,450 (Single supplement)
  • 7 person: CNY 4,670 CNY 1,450 (Single supplement)
  • 8person:4550 RMB/ pax, single supplement 1450 Yuan/ pax: CNY 4,550 CNY 1,450 (Single supplement)
  • 9person:4400 RMB/ pax, single supplement 1450 Yuan/ pax: CNY 4,400 CNY 1,450 (Single supplement)

General Information About Rome

Suggested time: January-March

Day 1: Kunming airport-Hotel (28KM)

Kunming arrival (Altitude: 1900 meters). Upon your arrival in Kunming, your guide and private car will greet you at the airport or railway station and send you to the hotel. As the capital of Yunnan, Kunming earns the name of “Spring City” because of its warm weather of 15℃~ 25℃ (or 59℉~ 77℉) all year long. For the rest of today, you can have a soft walk around but be careful of being lost, and get ready for the coming 12 days. Overnight in Kunming.


Accommodation:Kunming Jinjiang A building Hotel

Major Attractions

Day 2: Kunming-Stone forest- Colored Sand Forest-Luoping

After the breakfast drive to Luoping, Luoping is 229 kilometers to the east of Kunming ,and the Nanning-Kunming railway has run through the county.The county is located at the juncture of Yunnan,Guizhou and Guangxi provinces,and the scenery features wonderful mountains and waters.In February each

year,over100,000 mu of rape-seed plants in the Luoping basins in full bloom would carpet the farmlands with golden yellow flowers.The “Rapeseed Flower Festival” is annuallyheld in Luoping county.Halfway visit stone forest(2Hours).An extremely rare geological phenomenon dating back to 270 million years ago, the Stone Forest is 80 hectares of Karst limestone pillars in fantastic shapes that resemble a forest viewed from a distance some 78 kilometers, or 2 hour ride, southeast of Kunming. The Stone Forest is also home to the Sani tribe, a branch of the diverse and scattered Yi minority renowned for their diligence, embroidery and dancing.

Then visit Colored Sand Forest,18 kilometers in the north of Luliang County, or about 50 kilometers from the Stone Forest. According to some geologists, the formation of the Colored Sand Forest began some 340 million years ago. The sands here are rich in trace elements and present colors of red, yellow, white, blue, black and gray under the sun.

Overnight in Luoping


Accommodation:Luoping Rongtingjiari Hotel. (4-star)

Major Attractions: Stone forest、Colored Sand Forest

Day 3: Luoping

Today visitthe Jiulong Waterfall Clusters.The Jiulong Waterfall Clusters are 20 kilometers to the northeast of Luoping county.Owing to that the Jiulong River has cut through geologic faults,10 cascade waterfalls are formed along the 2-kilometer segment of the river channels.The biggest waterfall has water head measuring 56 meters and is 114 meters in width.Climbing up to the Waterfall Viewing Pavilion,tourists would be surprised by the grandeur of “viewing 10 waterfalls all at once”.Then visit Niujie rape flowers、Golden rooster peak.

Overnight in Luoping.


Accommodation:Luoping Rongtingjiari Hotel. (4-star)

Major Attractions:Jiulong Waterfall Clusters、Niujie rape flowers、Golden rooster peak.

Day 4: Luoping- Yuanyang(460KM,8h)

After the breakfast drive to Yuanyang,halfway visit Grand Mosque at Shadian,arrival Yuanyang transfer send you to hotel.

Shadian town, situated in Gejiu City, Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province of China, is a famous Hui community in Yunnan Province. And it has the Grand Mosque of Shadian located there is the largest mosque in southeast China.
Grand Mosque of Shadian was originally built in the year of 1684. After several restorations and reconstructions, the new Grand Mosque of Shadian is built into a large-scaled mosque with a construction area of 18,000 square meters. It is able to hold a capacity of 10,000 people to do prayers at a time.
Grand Mosque of Shadian is consisted by main buildings of prayer hall, vault and four minarets. This grand mosque has inherited the decoration style for its galleries, arches and pillars from Nabawi Mosque in Medina, Saudi Arabia. What attracts most of this mosque is its grand vault which has an inner diameter of 20 meters and a height of 42 meters. In the middle of the vault there is a large dome surrounded by four small domes in the four directions, while at the top of the dome there featured an Islamic styled crescent.
There are four magnificent minarets standing in the four corners of the mosque. They are splendid to have a height of 93 meters. The intricateness of this mosque also lies in the characteristic that there are gorgeous arched galleries to connect the prayer hall, domes and minarets, which makes the three parts an integral combination. The hall of the mosque is decorated with stone carved Quran and golden decorations. The eight huge pillars inside the hall are veneered with marble materials. Grand Mosque of Shadian is a main place for Muslims in the area and it is a famous and must see Muslim attraction when for a Muslim tour in Yunnan Province.


Accommodation:Yuanyang Yunti Hotel (3-star)

Major Attractions:Grand Mosque at Shadian.

Day 5: Yuanyang

Toady we suggest you get up early to watch the grand sunrise in Duoyishu. Many valid photographers take several weeks just to wait for the perfect moment of the sunrise. After the sunrise drive to Hani minority’s Shengcun Village to watch their morning market. If you are luckily enough to come across their marketing day which happens once a week, the market will be a lot more prosperous and many Hani minority’s aged females wear their traditional costumes and sell unknown dry animal bodies or medicines which you can never ever see in cities or other countries. Rest for today? Hiking is strongly recommended. Walking alone the terraced fields and villages, you will get a better understanding of Hani minority’s culture and customs. In the late afternoon, watch sunset at Laohuzui and end today’s tour. Overnight in Yuanyang.


Accommodation:YuanyangYunti Hotel

Major Attractions: Duoyishu 、Bada Terraced rice、Qingkou Hani village 、Laohuzui Terraced rice.

Day 6: Yuanyang-Jianshui-Kunming

Morning drive to Jianshui and visit Yi minority’s Tuanshan village, Double-dragon Bridge on the way,Chaoyang Tower Gate at Jianshui,Zhu family garden,Confucius Temple.Then drive to Kunming,transfer send you to hotel.

Overnight in Kunming.

Zhang Family Garden Tuanshan village

Zhang Family Garden, also called Tuanshan village, is 8 kilometers to the west the county seat. The village has currently 237 households and over 90 percent still bear a common family name of Zhang. With four gates at the directions of east, south, west and south, the village was self-sufficient. A dozen of old residences still survive the Cultural Revolution in the 1970's and fine work of wood carving and stone carving can be found all over the village.

Confucius Temple

Undoubtfully the greatest site in town. Begun in 1285 and enjoyed over 40 renovations, it is China’s second largest Confucius temple, after the one in Qufu, Confucius’ hometown. The temple complex runs along a 625-meter-long axis and comprises six courtyards and 31 buildings.

Double Dragon Bridge

With seventeen arches, the pavilion-style Double Dragon Bridge is a Qing Dynasty masterpiece build of stone and one of the best examples of its type all over China.

Chaoyang Tower

Nicknames as Lesser Tian’an Men Tower, the Chaoyang Tower were built in Ming Dynasty and towering Southern Yunnan for centuries.


Accommodation:Kunming Jinjiang A buildingHotel (4-star)

Major Attractions: Tuanshan village,Double-dragon Bridge,

Chaoyang Tower Gate ,Zhu family garden,Confucius Temple

Day 7: Kunming- next station


In the morning send you to airport,flight to next station.

Englisch speaking guide

         Privat car/coach and driver


         Hotel(local 4 star )

Entrance fee

Air ticket

           Guide and driver Tip