9-Day Guizhou Photography Tour


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Day 1: Guiyang – Anshun

We pick you up from Guiyang Airport and head to Huangguoshu Waterfall. 77.8 meters all and 81 meters wide, it is one of the largest waterfalls in the world, and is understandably Guizhou’s top natural attraction. On the way, we stop at the 24-Bend-Road, a 4 km scenic route that winds its way up a steep hill. We then continue on to Tianxing Park, which is famous for various types of natural stone formations and tall cacti that extend skyward like a dense forest. We stay in Huangguoshu overnight.

Day 2: Anshun – Xingyi

After a drive to Xingyi, a city in Guizhou’s southwest border with Yunnan, we head out to visit the Malinghe Gorge, the so-called “most beautiful scar in the world”. The gorge features streams and springs and waterfalls at every turn, and its most spectacular attraction is called Tian Xing Gallery, which visitors enter via an elevator. Later in the afternoon we head to the western part of the Ten Thousand Peaks Forest (Wanfenglin) where the colorful sunset can be enjoyed if weather permits. As a highly-recommended stop for photographers, this scenic area has magnificent karst landscapes with multitudes of grotesque peaks, fields, rivers, villages and forests. We stay in Xingyi overnight.

Day 3: Xingyi – Ziyun – Guiyang

We drive to the scenic and tranquil Getu River National Park in Ziyun County, which features beautiful and colorful scenery on the dual banks of a crystal-clear river. Mysterious burial sites dot the cliffs along the way. We stay over in Guiyang.

Day 4: Guiyang – Kaili

In the morning, we head out to Jiaxiu Tower. Constructed on a huge rock overlooking Nanming River, the Jiaxiu Tower was first built during the late Ming Dynasty in the 17th century and rebuilt many times thereafter. The three-storey wooden Tower has been standing for about 400 years. Before heading on to Kaili, we pay a visit to Qingyan Ancient Town, which has a long history of more than 600 years.

Day 5: Kaili – Zhaoxing

After breakfast in Kaili we explore Basha Village, a hidden kingdom populated by the legendary people of Basha Miao, known as the Last Gunmen’s Tribe in China. All men wear their hair in a bun. When the boys turn 16 years of age, a coming-of-age ceremony will be held for them. The men of Basha Miao Village carry hunting guns on their shoulders and gunpowder and bullet bags as well as a knife around their waists, looking like ancient warriors. Later in the afternoon, we come to Zhaoxing, the biggest Dong village in China with more than 1,000 Dong households. With a history of nearly 2,000 years, the village is divided into five sections divided by natural barriers. Each section has a clan and a drum-tower, a so-called Wind-Rain-Bridge and a stage. We spend the evening here.

Day 6: Zhaoxing Dong Village – Rongjiang

In the morning, we pay a leisurely visit to Tang’an Village. Tang’an village is situated on a mountain slope and encircled by rice fields, green trees and hills. It has been designated as a unique ecological museum of the Dong ethnic group. We walk through the rice fields for 2.5 hours from Tang’an and head on to Rongjiang.

Day 7: Rongjiang – Libo

Libo County is located in the remote southeastern corner of the prefecture, on the border with Guangxi. Today we start our journey visiting a local karst site, Xiaoqikong (part of the multi-site South China Karst UNESCO World Heritage Site inscribed in 2007). We stay over in Libo.

Day 8: Libo – Guiyang

We return to Guiyang, visit Flower Stream Park (Huaxi Park) after lunch. Flower Stream Park (Huaxi Park) forms the center of the Flower Stream Scenic Area. With blending natural hills and rivers, idyllic scenery with ethnic features, it has gained the name of "Back Garden of Guiyang City". It is located in the south suburb of Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. It covers an area of about 825 mu (about 136 acres), of which about 300 mu (about 49 acres) is water area. Unlike man-made parks, the stream and the four hills in this park are all naturally formed. We stay over in Guiyang.

Day 9: Guiyang

We disembark at Guiyang Airport. Our tour has come to an end.