6-Day Guizhou Tribal Festival Tour


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Day 1: Guiyang

Your driver and tour guide pick you up from Guiyang Airport or train station according to your arrival schedule and bring you to downtown, where you check in your hotel. After that, we will take you to visit Jiaxiu Tower, which is situated on Fuyu Bridge over the Nanming River. Jiaxiu Tower is one of the symbols of Guiyang. It's also called the First Scholar's Tower. It is a three tiered wooden tower of an exquisite architectural design that has inspired a great number of writers and celebrities in the past. We spend the night in Guiyang, enjoying a relaxing evening in Guizhou’s capital city.

Day 2: Guiyang – Kaili

After breakfast, we drive to Kaili, the capital city of the Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture in southeastern Guizhou. Today’s first stop is Shiqiao Miao Village, which is famous for its ancient technology of papermaking that can be traced back to the Tang dynasty (618–907). We learn how to make paper together with a local family. After a lunch break, we continue our travels to Matang Village to visit the small ethnic group known as the Gejia people. The Gejia people of Matang adore the bow and arrow. As legend goes, the ancestors of the Gejia people were heroes who could shoot the sun with an arrow. Appreciate traditional Gejia batik in the village, and learn more about this art. We stay over in Kaili.

Day 3: Kaili – Taijiang

This day we dedicate to the Sisters’ Meal Festival. The ceremony is simple, unsophisticated, and distinctive. Young Miao men and women, dressed in festive attire, gather in the Miao villages. Girls, who are the center of the festival, invite their sweet hearts to eat Sister Rice, play a drum, dance and sing. The couples give keepsakes to each other, and some get engaged. It has been called "the oldest oriental Valentine's Day".

Day 4: Taijiang – Xijiang

After breakfast, we drive out to Xijiang village and explore its rice terraces, family dwellings and simple, ancient atmosphere. In the afternoon we drive to Langde, visiting on the way the Langde Miao villages featured with their rich histories and cultures. Langde is considered to be a living museum of the colorful Long Skirt Miao culture. Most of its wooden buildings were built between 1616-1911. Datang Village is home to Short Skirt Miao, and also has rich ethnic culture and traditions that have matured over centuries. Datang women are well known for their beautiful short skirts and hairstyle, and another highlight of this village is a fire-proof and rat-proof granary built over a pond. We stay the night in Xijiang.

Day 5: Xijiang – Kaili – Guiyang

After breakfast, we drive back to Kaili, visiting the Kaili market and Museum. After that, we head back to Guiyang and spend the night in downtown Guiyang.

Day 6: Guiyang

We disembark at Guiyang Airport to end our tour.

  • Experience the Miao & Dong ethnic cultures & lifestyle
  • Visit ethnic minorities at Qingman/Langde Long-skirt Miao Village
  • Participate in one of the most renowned festivals of the Miao people -Sister Meal Festival