5-Day Guizhou Hill Tribes Adventure Tour


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Day 1: Guiyang – Xingyi

After breakfast, we make our way to Xingyi, a city located in Guizhou’s southwest, at the border to Yunnan. We visit the western part of the Ten Thousand Peaks Forest (Wanfenglin), a scenic area containing the vast majority of the county's karst landscape. The perfectly shaped karst forms and grotesque peaks against the backdrop of surrounding mountains, fields, rivers, villages and forests make the Ten Thousand Peaks Forest unlike any place else. After lunch, we visit the Malinghe Gorge (the so-called most beautiful scar in the world) and then spend the night back in Xingyi.

Day 2: Xingyi –Guiyang

In the morning, we head to Guiyang, visiting Qianlingshan Park along the way. Qianlingshan Park is situated on Qianling Hill, 1.5 kilometers (0.9 miles) from the center of Guiyang City. It was built in 1957, and is a uniquely large park that has been designated as a 4A National Tourist Attraction. The name was derived from the Qianling Mountain that lies in the park, which is the most famous mountain in southern Guizhou, and it boasts clear waters, green slopes, tranquil forests and old temples. There are six predominant scenic locations: Sanlingwan, Macaque Monkey Garden, Hongfu Temple, Kylin Cave, the Zoo, Qianling Lake, and the Winding Mountain Path. We stay the night in Guiyang.

Day 3: Guiyang

In the morning, we head to Nanjiang Grand Canyon. Nanjiang Grand Canyon is located in Kaiyang County, about 54 kilometers (34 miles) from Guiyang City. We can view the special karst landscape and encounter over 80 natural landscapes and 40waterfalls there. The valley stretches for over 40 kilometers (25 miles) with a deepest point of 398 meters (1,306 feet). 122 kinds of birds and 36 kinds of animals live harmoniously in the old-growth forests and on the sharp cliffs. Taking a kayak to drift down the rapid river is a must-do activity here. We stay the night in Guiyang.

Day 4: Guiyang – Rongjiang

In the morning, we head to Rongjiang to enjoy the wonderful Moon Mountain rice terraces. The vegetation of Moon Mountain has been well preserved along with its biological diversification. As a gem of ecology and ancient Chinese culture, the mountain has a warm and humid climate, and wide varieties of rare animals and plants. This area has seen few tourists until recently because it lies in a hidden corner. For sure it will be busier in due time as the views of the rice terraces are simply fabulous. We stay over in Rongjiang.

Day 5: Rongjiang – Guiyang

We head back to Guiyang and get dropped-off at the Guiyang Airport, where this tour comes to an end.

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  • Take in Guizhou’s amazing scenery & landscapes
  • Explore the mysteries that await amidst this otherworldly environment unlike anything you’ve ever seen